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To get a price estimation and to find out how long it would take to deliver a package, please fill out the following form:
Ship from zip code: Ship to: Weight:
"Calculated rates and days in transit are for parcel shipments only. For LTL shipment estimates and days in transit, contact Spee Dee Delivery's LTL Department."

Upon submission, you will receive an estimation of days in transit of your package, zone qualification, and price for shipment. You will also have the option of downloading your "How to Ship with Spee-Dee" package specially designed for your ship from area.
Spee-Dee 2016 Rates Announcement

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1-35 lb; 36-70 lb; 71-100 lb; 101-150 lb; Shipment Weight Service; Additional Charges; Fuel_Surcharge

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January 2016 Rate/Zone Charts

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January 2016 Shipping Rules
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