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Employment Opportunities

Current Openings:

Location Position Inquire
Des Moines, IA CDL LTL (Description)
Green Bay, WI CDL LTL (Description)
Saint Cloud, MN CDL LTL (Description)
Aurora, IL CDL LTL (Description)
Cedar Rapids, IA CDL LTL (Description)
Milwaukee, WI CDL LTL (Description)
Rockford, IL CDL LTL (Description)
Des Moines, IA CDL Mechanic (Description)
Saint Cloud, MN CDL P.U. (Description)
Mankato, MN CDL Transport (Description)
Aurora, IL CDL Transport (Description)
Sioux Falls, SD CDL Transport (Description)
Saint Cloud, MN CDL Transport (Description)
Sioux City, IA CDL Transport (Description)
Milwaukee, WI CDL Transport (Description)
Cedar Rapids, IA CDL Transport (Description)
Mason City, IA CDL Transport (Description)
Stevens Point, WI Full-time Package Handler (Description)
Bloomington, IL Full-time Package Handler (Description)
Des Moines, IA Full-time Package Handler (Description)
Saint Cloud, MN Full-time Package Handler (Description)
Saint Cloud, MN Human Resources Assistant (Description)
Saint Cloud, MN IT Support (Description)
Rochester, MN Night Driver (Description)
Ottumwa, IA Night Driver (Description)
Cedar Rapids, IA Night Driver (Description)
Thief River Falls, MN Night Driver (Description)
La Crosse, WI Part-time Package Handler (Description)
Eau Claire, WI Part-time Package Handler (Description)
Bloomington, IL Part-time Package Handler (Description)
Galesburg, IL Part-time Package Handler (Description)
Mason City, IA Part-time Package Handler (Description)
Milwaukee, WI Part-time Package Handler (Description)
Aurora, IL Part-time Package Handler (Description)
Saint Cloud, MN Part-time Package Handler (Description)
Cedar Rapids, IA Part-time Package Handler (Description)
Rochester, MN Part-time Package Handler (Description)
Fergus Falls, MN Part-time Package Handler (Description)
Sioux Falls, SD Part-time Package Handler (Description)
Marshall, MN Part-time Package Handler (Description)
Green Bay, WI Part-time Package Handler (Description)
Omaha, NE Part-time Package Handler (Description)
Des Moines, IA Part-time Package Handler (Description)
Rockford, IL Part-time Package Handler (Description)
Duluth, MN Part-time Package Handler (Description)
Saint Cloud, MN Part-time Route Driver (Description)
Saint Cloud, MN Part-time Security (Description)
Omaha, NE Route Driver (Description)
Des Moines, IA Route Driver (Description)
Fergus Falls, MN Route Driver (Description)
Saint Cloud, MN Route Driver (Description)
Mankato, MN Route Driver (Description)
Rochester, MN Route Driver (Description)
Milwaukee, WI Route Driver (Description)
Green Bay, WI Route Driver (Description)
Stevens Point, WI Route Driver (Description)
Aurora, IL Route Driver (Description)
Fergus Falls, MN Route Driver (Description)
Sioux City, IA Route Driver (Description)
Ottumwa, IA Route Driver (Description)
Mason City, IA Route Driver (Description)
Eau Claire, WI Route Driver (Description)
Saint Cloud, MN Vehicle Mechanic (Description)
Stevens Point, WI Vehicle Mechanic (Description)
Des Moines, IA Vehicle Mechanic (Description)
Sioux Falls, SD Vehicle Mechanic (Description)
Mankato, MN Vehicle Mechanic (Description)
Eau Claire, WI Vehicle Mechanic (Description)
Milwaukee, WI Vehicle Mechanic (Description)

Preferred Locations

Aberdeen, SD   Aurora, IL  
Bemidji, MN   Bismarck, ND  
Bloomington, IL   Cedar Rapids, IA  
Collinsville, IL   Des Moines, IA  
Dodgeville, WI   Duluth, MN  
Eau Claire, WI   Fergus Falls, MN  
Galesburg, IL   Green Bay, WI  
La Crosse, WI   Mankato, MN  
Marshall, MN   Mason City, IA  
Milwaukee, WI   Minot, ND  
Mount Vernon, IL   North Platte, NE  
Omaha, NE   Ottumwa, IA  
Pierre, SD   Rapid City, SD  
Rhinelander, WI   Rochester, MN  
Rockford, IL   Saint Cloud, MN  
Sioux City, IA   Sioux Falls, SD  
Stevens Point, WI   Thief River Falls, MN  
Virginia, MN

If none of the above positions applies and you would rather simply submit a general application, click the following button.

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